Saves energy

Perch was created by patented Technology licensed by Loss Prevention Systems, a US-based international company with an established platform for worldwide sales and distribution. As a "green" tech company, we aim to reduce greenhouse gases (produced by manufacturing and transporting replacement chargers) by 1.44 million tons each year, as well as 51,000 tons of electronic waste. Our products are designed to support the consumer, the environment, and the speed of life.

Saves Energy

Saves Energy
Saves time

Saves time.

Never run back to your house or hotel to retrieve a forgotten charger ... Learn more

Saves money

Saves money.

Stop buying replacement chargers, and hold on to the ones you have. Learn more

Saves energy.

Put an end to energy wasted by chargers left plugged in to wall. Learn more

Saves hassle.

Don't show up to that important meeting with no way to charge your dead battery. Learn more