Saves time

Saves time.

Never run back to your house or hotel to retrieve a forgotten charger ... Learn more

Saves money

Saves money.

Stop buying replacement chargers, and hold on to the ones you have. Learn more

Saves energy.

Put an end to energy wasted by chargers left plugged in to wall. Learn more

Saves hassle.

Don't show up to that important meeting with no way to charge your dead battery. Learn more

Best Gadgets 2012

Perch Device Charger LP100

The best way to avoid forgetting a phone charger in a hotel room isn't a sticky note; it's a little birdie. Out later this year, the Perch is a two-prong outlet that serves as an interface between the charger and the wall socket. Unplug the phone and the little box chirps, literally. Not checking out yet? Press reset to delay the next reminder.

Steven Leckart

Perch Semifinalists of the 2012 Last Gadget Standing Awards


These days, most of us travel with a bag full of gadgets, each of which requires its own proprietary charger. When we plug these chargers into outlets behind the bed, in the bathroom, and under the desk of our hotel rooms, it's far too easy to leave one behind.Read more

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